Paint Pictures With Windows Mobile


Windows Mobile like Windows XP and 7, allows you to do many things, and paint is one of the simplest but important application for the Desktop Windows, and now Windows Mobile users can get it. The application created on XDA is a new way to edit pictures, resize, and write things abut it all from your device. It is a freeware, and as such, it will be continuously updated, to added, and fix features.

The features of this application is very similar to that of the computer version:

Current features:
* Drawing
– Pencil
– Rectangle
– Circle
– Callout
– Text Typing
– Line
– Eye dropper
– Stample tool – e.g. for watermarking your image, Stamping icons…etc
* Image Editing
– Resize
– Crop
– Convert to B&W
– Convert to Sepia
– Rotate Left & Right
– File-type Conversion
– One step undo is possible
* Supported File Type
– JPG (By saving JPEG image, you have a possibility to limit image size – good for preparing images for uploading to some WebSite that has file size limitation)

You can paint the way to your devices heart over at XDA