Pac-Man Kart Rally gets a massive discount to $2.99 in response to terrible reviews


After some pretty terrible reviews, with complaints about the controls, graphics and game play, the consensus amongst buyers seems to be that the $4.99 price for Pac-Man Kart Rally does not seem to be worth it.

One reviewer, DuanieBaby, noted:

Trailed Version. 1. The framerate is a little on the poor side, it feels clumpy and bulky. The game does not run very smooth at all. 2. The sound is appalling! I cannot stress just how annoying it is. I was curious to find out why the game’s volume was automatically muted… and then I found out. 3. For what this game offers, it is way too over-priced. I find it hard to comprehend why it’s £3.99, I would be reluctant to fork out £2.29 for this. Overall a poor attempt, even the online achievement wasn’t thought out too well. I’m commander Shepard and this isn’t my favourite game in the galaxy. [HTC HD7]

Seemingly responding very rapidly to this criticism, Microsoft has dropped the price of the game today to $2.99 (£2.29).  That of course makes the game and its defects much more palatable, but it does leave us with the question if early adopters will get a refund or not.  I suspect not, but with the terrible reviews probably not too many people have been affected.