OnePlus’ OxygenOS is arguably the simplest Android skin available on the internet right now, some users even go to the extent of saying that it’s the best Android skin at this moment. However, there are some features that OnePlus needs to make more conspicuous in the OxygenOS. Dark Mode is clearly one such feature.

At present, to enable Dark Mode, you’ll need to go to the OxygenOS customization menu to find the settings — if you’re using an OnePlus smartphone for the first time, finding the Dark Mode settings can be a real pain. And the good news is OnePlus is working on this specific issue to make it easier for OnePlus users to turn on Dark Mode with one click.

In its latest “Monthly FAQ,” OnePlus confirmed that the company is working on a simple toggle for dark mode, similar to what you find on Android 10. The company also said that it’d internally test the feature with beta testers before rolling out the general public.

To make it easier for users to turn on Dark Mode with one click, we are planning to add the Dark Mode switch in Quick Settings. It will be having internally testing before pushing Open Beta version to wider users. This feature update is scheduled for internal testing this month.

The company also promises a few more tweaks such as adjustments to the volume, which includes lowering the average loudness at the lowest level, optimizing the curve of the first five levels of volume changes.