While OxygenOS is considered one of the best versions of Android, the OS that runs OnePlus smartphone lacks an important basic feature. And that’s the Always-On Display(AOD) feature, something which most of the Android phones have.

And if you’re one of those OnePlus users who find the feature useful and are frustrated that OxygenOS doesn’t have support for it yet, you may have to wait just a few more days to get the feature.

In a Twitter post, OnePlus had confirmed that the Always-On Display is on the company’s roadmap. OnePlus, however, didn’t give us an ETA, leaving us in the dark about when the feature will be available for the public. Whether the feature will only be available for both new as well as older OnePlus phone is not known either, though, the likelihood is that OnePlus will be rolling out the feature to its older smartphones as well via a software update.

Just to give you the context, OnePlus requested its community members to provide their inputs to improve OxygenOS a few days ago. The feature that most community members wanted OnePlus to add is the Always-On Display.

If you’re using a OnePlus smartphone., do you miss AOD? Let us know in the comments section below.