Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary App Now Available In Windows Phone Store


The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, a world best-seller reference book is now available as a Windows Phone app. Its features a full A-Z dictionary, real voice audio (not text to speech), and My View to customize your screen.

App Description:

• Listen to real British and American voices pronounce words, with no Internet access required

• Access spoken example sentence audio online, or download all 116,000 example sentences to listen offline (approximately 430MB each for British and American sentences)

• 184,500 words, phrases and meanings explained clearly

• 198,500 example sentences

• 57,000 synonyms, opposites and related words – find words with similar or opposite meanings in the integrated Thesaurus

• Learn words in their natural context with over 83,000 collocations (words that go together) included

• Use Full Dictionary Search to find your word in any phrase or example sentence in the dictionary

• Use the Oxford 3000™ keyword entries to learn the most important words in English

• Find the Academic Word List words easily – they are all labelled

• View and enlarge 1300 illustrations to build your topic vocabulary

• Study usage notes, verb forms, and word origins

• All the dictionary text is live- tap to instantly look up any word

• Use My View to choose how much information appears on your screen – hide IPA, example sentences, pictures, synonyms, etc. – tap to show the full entry again

• Bookmark your Favourite entries to easily find them again

It costs $26.99! Download it here from the Marketplace.