Owl Reader update brings thumbnails, themes and more


18, 2014

Owl Reader, the fast and reliable Windows Phone client and offline reader for Pocket, has seen a major update. The 1.6 version primarily brings fresh look & feel with support for thumbnails and custom themes, but news does not end there. Do you have only a few minutes to spare? You can now swipe left to see the shortest unread articles in your list.

The price has been reduced to $1.99, with unlimited ad-free trial still available.

Qr code Owl Reader
New features:

• Each article in the list now displays a thumbnail preview of its images.
• New application theme “teal”, popular from other apps, has been added.
• Application theme editor lets you completely customize the colors used in the application.
• Word count can be displayed for each article in the list.
• New tab that sorts the unread articles by length from the shortest has been added.
• The application can now display image files that have been saved to Pocket directly.

You can get Owl Reader for Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 from Window Phone Store here.

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