Owl Reader – Fast and reliable Pocket client

Owl Reader is a full-featured Windows Phone client for Pocket (formerly Read It Later) web service. It aims to be fast and reliable even when handling thousands of articles, and it provides a seamless online and offline experience.

Owl Reader downloads articles with images for offline reading. It also allows you to browse and edit your Pocket article list even when you are currently offline. This includes operations like archiving, favoriting, deleting, tagging, or even adding new links to the list. All changes made offline are uploaded upon next online synchronization. This makes Own Reader perfect for reading articles from the web while travelling by underground, airplane, or through areas with poor signal.

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There are also a number of unique features like the recycle bin, manipulable scroll bar, fully customizable text view, two configurable color schemes with easy switching, three alternative services for mobile article parsing, support for YouTube videos, a bookmark that allows saving the current page from Internet Explorer, and more. Configuration options are very rich and each option is described, but there is no need to access settings if you prefer a simple experience.

Trial version is fully functional, ad-free, and only displays a message occasionally. You can download it from Window Phone Store here. Both Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 are supported.

What people say:

by Ashley
Fantastic app. It’s very customizable, you can configure a light or dark or whatever color theme. I love it for offline access since I don’t have data and only use WiFi. I cannot for the life of me get other Pocket apps to work and OwlReader not just only very very reliable but it’s visually appealing. Also got to love the I.E. bookmarklet.
by Lou
One of the best Pocket clients on WP. Easily worth the (kinda high if you ask me) price tag. The app doesn’t crash; it’s beautifully stable and highly customizable for a Pocket app. I’d give 5 stars if it could manage tags. Edit (Dec 3, 2012): Updated version manages tags. 5 stars!
by Joshua
One of very few (Pouch was the only other one) that showed the title for each of my saved pages. For some reason, most others showed only addresses for some pages. Plenty of configuration options and some nifty things like the app bar changing when you get to the bottom of the page. The developers, obviously, took some care with this app.