Ovum Analyst controversially suggest Windows Phone 7 “more than capable of competing with iPhone, Androids”

Windows Phone 7 a contender after all.
Windows Phone 7 a contender after all.

With Microsoft ramping up to the Windows phone 7 launch, we have seen some high profile analyses by the likes of Garner and IDC which do not give the OS much hope of cracking the market, with Gartner going so far as to say the OS will lose even more market share, and end up with only 4.7% in 3 years.

It is therefore noteworthy to have an analyst from a well-respected company with an alternate view.

Tim Renowden, analyst for devices and platforms at Ovum, told ZDNet Asia in an e-mail that the game was Microsoft’s to lose.

“All of the ingredients are present but Windows Phone 7’s success depends on whether Microsoft can bring these together in a stable, high performance package,” he said.

Tim notes Windows Phone 7 brought together Microsoft’s suite of consumer-focused online services, which include its Windows Marketplace app store, location services and Bing search engine, with support for key Office applications such as OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint.

He felt enterprise customers, particularly IT managers, will likely look forward to the Windows Phone 7 launch, which combined consumer appeal with “strong enterprise functionality”.

He cautioned however that “Windows-based phones will probably take some enterprise market share from RIM but the relatively high minimum specification requirements will keep the cost of handsets higher than BlackBerrys,”.

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