New Overwatch patch makes Sigma significant, balances heroes, and adds the role queue system

by Ash
August 14, 2019

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A major patch is now available for all Overwatch players on all platforms. The update adds Sigma into the main game, balances several characters including Brigitte and Sombra, and implements the new role queue system.

First things first: Sigma, Overwatch’s latest hero. He’s an eccentric astrophysicist with outlandish eyebrows to match who just wants to work out what makes black holes tick.

Sigma is part of the in-game terrorist organisation Talon and plays the role of a tank, which is an interesting twist on Overwatch’s current established lore.

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The role queue system, which we went into more depth about over here, is designed to help players and expedite the hero picking process.

In Competitive Play and Quick Play, role queue works by getting players to choose which role they want to play before matches even start. They can choose from tank, support, or damage.

Then, the matchmaking system will match two tanks, two supports, and two damage heroes to create a team. Players can then choose which hero to play from their chosen category.

That’s not all! Each role will have its own queue and rewards. If you choose and play a role that’s in higher demand, you may even earn a loot box for your efforts.

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In order to make the role queue system work, some heroes have had a bit of work done to their current setups. For example, Brigitte now has more of a focus on healing in order to better fit her role as a support hero.

You can read the full patch notes over at the official Blizzard site here.

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