Overwatch’s long-awaited Nintendo Switch port will not be a 60fps experience like on other platforms.

Developed by Iron Galaxy, the company that ported Diablo 3 and Skyrim to the system, Overwatch does lock to HD resolutions in both of the device’s play modes. For portable play, players can expect 720p. For docked TV play, expect 900p. (Source: VGC)

Overwatch on Nintendo Switch will also benefit from some Switch exclusive features. For those who enjoy the feature, gyroscopic aiming will be included. For aiming or other right-stick movements, tilting the device will allow you to fine tune your aim.

As a small bonus for Switch buyers, this new port will come with three months of Nintendo Switch Online. Switch owners will also get access to 15 bonus skins. This deal is available for both digital and physical purchases. Pre-order customers will also get the Noire skin for Widowmaker.

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Overwatch for Nintendo Switch will launch on October 15th. Those who start the game before December 31, 2019 will get Golden Loot Box with at least one guaranteed Legendary item