Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019 event starts tomorrow


14, 2019

Author Ash // in Game, News, Slider

It’s official: the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019 event kicks off on Tuesday, October 15th, and will run until Monday, November 4th.

The start date for the event was revealed on Twitter, along with a long-awaited teaser trailer of Zenyatta finally putting both feet firmly on the ground.

Blizzard have yet to spill the beans on any other features of Halloween Terror 2019, with the game’s official event page even still pointing to Halloween Terror 2018 at the time of publication.

However, it can be assumed that as with every previous Halloween Terror, Halloween Terror 2019 will feature new animations, emotes, skins, and sprays.

It’s also highly likely that PvE game mode Junkenstein’s Revenge will be resurrected. Brigitte and Tracer were added to Junkenstein’s Revenge last year, so there’s a chance we may see more heroes joining the monster mash this year.

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019 kicks off tomorrow, October 15th. Overwatch also officially hits the Nintendo Switch on October 18th.

In related news, Hong Kong protesters have also turned Overwatch’s Mei into a symbol of freedom in the wake of Blizzard banning and censoring Hearthstone pro Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai for speaking out in favour of the Hong Kong protests.

Many people have been deleting their Blizzard accounts out of anger over Blizzard’s actions and in solidarity with the Hong Kong protesters. Whether this will affect the number of people tuning in for the Halloween event and Overwatch’s general reception on the Nintendo Switch has yet to be seen.

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