OverVolt:crazy slot cars exclusive for Windows Phone users!



The Italian game company Interactive Project recently launched a new racing game about miniature slot cars: “OverVolt: crazy slot cars”. The game won a grant by Microsoft and Aalto University through their program AppCampus and is actually exclusive on Windows Phone devices.

OverVolt is a game inspired by real-life miniature cars and it features all the peculiarities of the real game: the car is controlled by a single tap-control and risks to fly out of the track if it approaches the curves while is too fast. The games goes on an it gets more interesting since slot-cars enjoys an array of power ups which can be used during the races to beat the opponent. There are over twenty-five cars with fancy and different designs; cars are ranked over three levels and have different stats in terms of speed, acceleration and road holding.

The game develops through two modes: single and multiplayer.

  • Single player mode develops through three scenarios and thirty tracks in which the gamer faces three bosses of increasing strengths.

  • In multiplayer mode users run against friends or random guests over six scenarios and forty tracks.

The game integrates an interesting mode to personalize the car by taking a picture with the camera which is applied as a car texture and it might be shared online.

The game is free to download and play the first ten tracks of single player and as much as three multiplayer per day.

Currently there is a Free Premium promotion running which allows the users to get all the single player experience and the possibility to enjoy as many multiplayer races as he/she wants per day.

There will soon be a new release which includes great novelties and a renewed multiplayer.

Check out OverVolt website here ? http://overvoltcars.com/

Or download it from the store here.

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