Over $1100 raised in a week by iFunny to help #NepalEarthquake

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Read more about our effort (with Microsoft’s help) to assist with the Nepal earthquake disaster here: http://crazy-hot.com/ilold/content/pages/nepal2015.aspx

Day 8: Monday May 11. [$174.25 today, $1,105 total] We did it – we blew past $1000 today with another record day! Ten more downloads than yesterday at 697, for a Microsoft-matched donation of another $174.25 to help #iFunnyNepal #NepalEarthquake efforts! Very cool to see both weekend numbers higher than weekdays, thanks for the help! We’re hoping that the second week will be even better than the first – please help us get the word out by retweeting this tweet and sharing this facebook post to raise visibility.

To learn more about the effort, and monitor our progress, check out our web site and like us on facebook (iFunnyLOLs). And, you can help now with about 2 minutes of time, by installing iFunny! Thanks again for the support from the Windows and Windows Phone community!

Install iFunny now to help (every install contributes 25¢):


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