Outsider AKA I’m a WP7 mobile social network going paid tomorrow–get it while its free!



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imageThe mobile social network Outsider, previously I’m a WP7 before it expanded to other platforms, will soon become a paid app. 

The service is difficult to define at present, but it is all about your mobile world.

It features:

  • Ãœber Check In! Check into Foursquare & all your Social Networks, including Facebook & Twitter with one tap!
  • GamerHubâ„¢, interact with other Xbox gamers around the world
  • Gamer MeetUps & Beacon, Activity, and Friend request integration!
  • Enhanced and searchable Forums
  • Map users & "droogs" (friends) around the world!
  • See and interact with other users in your mysterious Hive!
  • Tons of How-Tos, Tips & Tricks …and even Videos!
  • Hidden "Easter Eggs" that unlock more fun & features, and other hidden goodies!
  • Tons of Live Tiles!
  • User, Developer & Gamer Forums
  • Integrated Messaging
  • GamerTag/Avatar integration!
  • Unlock your "Secret Lair" (and others’ Lair’s)

imageIf you download and join now you will also get the Windows 8 version of the app for free.

Jump in before it is too late and download the app from Marketplace here.

Via MobilityDigest.com

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