At Ignite, Microsoft announced that they’re upgrading Outlook Mobile, to bring new features to business users.  Dubbed Play My Emails, the company announced that the feature will read out emails received in the Outlook app in what Microsoft calls a “natural” voice; using the technology behind Cortana’s natural speaking capabilities.  We’ll also see the introduction of a new male coded voice.

The description, as provided by Microsoft reads:

Catch up with what’s new in your inbox with Play My Emails. On your commute, multitasking or anytime your hands may be busy doing other things, let Cortana read text out loud from your messages so you can spend more time doing things you care most about. In the Outlook mobile app, you can stay connected with an intelligent experience for interacting with your inbox.

Check out a preview of the feature below:

Play My Emails will hit the App Store soon, and will also be making its way to Android, but probably not closer than Spring 2020.