Microsoft Outlook for Windows is getting Suggested Replies this month

Back in 2018, Microsoft added the Suggested Replies feature to Outlook Web, and the feature was also rolled out to iOS and Android users last year. And now, Microsoft is also working towards adding the feature to Outlook for Windows, according to Microsoft 365 Roadmap page(via Neowin).

For those not aware, the Suggested Replies feature will display three short messages, including the ability to attach files, to help you respond to an e-mail quickly. The feature is currently in the developmental phase and per the roadmap page, the feature will be available for Outlook for Windows this month. But for those wanting to try the feature right now, it’s currently available in the latest Office Insider Preview Build(Beta Channel). You can also disable the feature from the Settings.

Microsoft is also working towards bringing the feature to Government customers, but it isn’t coming this month. According to the roadmap page, the Suggested Replies feature will be available for government customers in the month of April.

Suggested Replies is also available on other Microsoft apps services, including Microsoft Teams, SMS Organiser. And just like Outlook for Windows, you can disable the feature on these platforms too.

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