Outlook for Mac will finally support Yahoo Mail


25, 2021

If you have been hanging on to your Yahoo Mail account for the last 20 years, you would be happy to know that Microsoft has finally come round to supporting the service in their Outlook for Mac account.

In the latest Office Insider builds for Mac Microsoft has added support for the service, saying:

Yahoo support in the new Outlook for Mac

Add your Yahoo account in Outlook to view all your mail, calendar events, and contacts in one place.

As can be seen from the description, support appears to be pretty full, including for Calendar and Contacts.

The latest Office for Mac Insider build is Build 16.47.21030701. The feature has been released in Preview and we assume support will come to the mainstream client in a few weeks.

If you however want to join the Office Insider program and get the feature now, read more at Microsoft here.

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