Outlook for Mac gets several new features and capabilities

June 5, 2020

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Outlook for mac

Microsoft today announced the release of Insider Fast Build 16.38 (20052800) for Outlook for Mac users. This new update brings several new features and capabilities. This new update comes with support for add-ins, sensitivity labels, people view, people search, improved calendar and more. Find the full change log below.

What’s new in Outlook for Mac:

Make the most of your inbox 

  • Add-ins – Install and use your favorite add-ins and enhance your productivity within Outlook. Add-ins that work with Office JavaScript? API 1.6 and below are fully supported. We are currently working on support for API 1.7+.? 
  • Sensitivity labels – Protect sensitive information across your organization. Classify messages based on their confidentiality and sensitivity to ensure those viewing your email understand how they should treat the information enclosed. 
  • What’s new – Stay up to date on new features and capabilities within Outlook and try them out yourselfCheck out the What’s new pane to see the latest updates and make the most of your inbox and calendar. You can get to it by clicking on the megaphone icon on the top right corner of Outlook, click on the various feature and capability tiles to see brief animations showcasing the feature, and even try out new features right from within each tile. 

Focus on what matters with enhancements to contacts and people 

  • People view – The people view for the new Outlook Mac is here! Explore contacts that are important to you, you collaborate with often, and even those you may want to follow up with – all from the same place. Easily create new contacts and make updates to existing entries directly from this new view. 
  • People search – Search goes beyond just emails and helps you discover important contacts and colleagues. Searching for contacts works intuitively when you are using the people view– simply use the search bar on top of Outlook.  
    • When searching for someone, click on their avatar image in search suggestions to view additional details about them, such as their organizational chart, name, and email address. 

Feature - Contacts Create & Edit Low Res.gif

Manage your email and calendar with ease 

  • Create event from email – Some emails really are better off as meetings. Include all email recipients and the entire email thread in an event – all directly from the message. 
  • Suggested times – Finding an ideal time to meet can be challenging. Now, when composing an event, Outlook will take out the guesswork and suggest a time when all attendees are available. 
  • Read receipts?– Ensure that important email was read by key recipients. Track who has opened and viewed your message by requesting read receipts when composing the mail.  
  • Additions to expanded Search – When searching for something specific, select “Add More Options” to narrow your search by fields such as Cc, Bcc, priority, read status, flag status, or category. 

Microsoft also announced that following features are coming soon to Outlook for Mac users.

  • Open shared calendars – See all of your commitments in one place with the ability to open shared calendars you have been added to and see them alongside your personal schedule. 
  • S/MIME – Enhance the security of your email with digital message encryptionextra protection that ensures emails can only be opened by recipients that have the correct key. 

Source: Outlook for Mac blog

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