The all-new Outlook for Mac with several new features is now available for Slow ring Insiders

July 31, 2020

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Outlook for mac

At Ignite 2019, Microsoft announced an all-new Outlook for Mac experience with redesigned UI, improved performance and several new features. Back in June, this new Outlook experience was released as part of Insider Fast Build 16.38 (20052800) for Outlook for Mac users. Yesterday, Microsoft announced the release of the new Outlook for Mac for Insider Slow users. You can get the new Outlook for Mac via a toggle switch on the top right corner of your Outlook main window. 

This new update brings several new features and capabilities including support for add-ins, sensitivity labels, people view, people search, improved calendar and more. Find the full change log below.

What’s new in Outlook for Mac:

  • Improved sync – Built on top of Microsoft sync technology, which also powers Outlook Mobile, the new Outlook for Mac syncs your messages with improved speed and reliability.
  • Search enhancements – Search is now built using the same engine that powers other Office 365 experiencesso you can quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • New mail and event compose experiences – Entirely new mail and event compose experiences that help improve your productivity with enhancements such as an easy to access formatting bar, suggested times, and locations.
  • My Day Anew addition thatbrings you a view of your agenda or calendar events right from within your main mail canvas, and includes a 2-week calendar view to give you a quick glance at your upcoming events.
  • Customizable toolbar – The new toolbar puts your most used commands front and center and is fully customizable.
  • Mail Tips– Get more information about your mail, like a heads up if you’re messaging people with automatic replies turned on, sending an email to recipients outside your organization, or sending an email to a large audience.
  • Snooze ?– For those moments when?you don’t have?time?to?read or respond to an?email, simply? “snooze”? it?and select the time that works best?for it?to?show up in your Inbox? again? as an unread email.

snooze crop.jpgEasily snooze messages or perform quick swipe actions directly in the message list.

  • Unified inbox?– Combine the multiple mailboxes?you manage?into one single inbox, making it easier for you to view everything that is important in one place.??
  • Sensitivity labels – Protect sensitive information across your organization. Classify messages based on their confidentiality and sensitivity to ensure those viewing your email understand how they should treat the information enclosed.
  • Add-ins?– Install and use your favorite add-ins and enhance your productivity within Outlook. Add-ins that work with Office JavaScript??API 1.6?and below are fully supported. We are currently working on support for API 1.7+.?
  • Actionable Messages?– The new Outlook for Mac supports the familiar experience of?Actionable Messages created with Adaptive Cards, enabling quick actions directly from your inbox, such as filling out a survey or approving an expense report.
  • People view? – The new Outlook for Mac comes with a completely revamped People view. Explore contacts that are important to you, you collaborate with often, and even those you may want to follow up with?– all from the same place.?Easily create new contacts and make updates to existing entries directly from this new view.?

Create Contact GIF.gif

Create new contacts and view them alongside other important?colleagues.

  • Teams meeting toggle ?– This toggle will be available when you quickly create a?new calendar event. By switching the toggle?on?you can more easily make any meeting a Teams meeting.
  • Meeting Insights ?–? Outlook helps you show up prepared to your meetings by suggesting emails and files that are relevant to the event or attendees.?

Explore the most recentfeature releases

Since the release of the new Outlook for Mac in Insider Fast last fall, we have been continuously updating the experience to bring you brand new capabilities and an updated look and feel. The past couple of months have been no different, with our most recent updates including:

  • Rules – Easily manage your inbox by setting preferences to automatically flag, move, delete, or take other actions on specific email messages you receive.
  • Access Tasks and Notes – Keep track of what’s important by flagging an item for follow-up, adding to your to-do list, or jotting something down on a sticky note.
  • Send button updatesAfter testing and gathering user feedback, we have moved the send button to the top of the mail canvas for an improved experience when composing a message.
  • Additions to People search – Quickly take action when searching for a contact by starting an email, chat, or call with someone directly from the search results.
  • Group header viewTailor your message list to fit your needswith the ability to show or hide group headers basedon your preferences.
  • Every meeting online – Set your Calendar preferences to ensure all your newly scheduled meetings are online via Teams or Skype.

EMO.jpgEdit your preferences to ensure every meeting you schedule is online.

Coming soon

  • S/MIME– Enhance the security of your email with digital message encryption, extra protection that ensures emails can only be opened by recipients that have the correct key.
  • Mailbox delegation– Allow others in your organization the ability to manage your calendar and edit, schedule, and respond to meetings on your behalf.
  • Shared mailboxes Access all mail from shared mailboxes that you have added to Outlook.
  • Open shared calendars – See all your commitments in one place with the ability to open shared calendars you have been added to and see them alongside your personal schedule.

Source: Microsoft

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