Out of the mouth of babes – Part Two of the KIN Teen review

Matt Miller has provided the concluding part of his review of the KIN One and Two by a 14 and 16 year old.

Unexpectedly the device did not fail in the area where we felt was its biggest weakness- the lack of games, as it appears no self-respecting teen plays games on their phones in any case.

Its appears the greatest weakness was Microsoft’s high concept user interface, which remained complex even after a weak of use, and with little pay-off, due to the weak Facebook and MySpace integration, a real failing for a social networking phone.

They conclude:

Danika: Overall the Kin Two was an okay phone. I think they could have done much better with it and I don’t think a lot of teenagers will have it due to the large data cost. I myself would not recommend it to my friends, the Kin and Loop update page is not really worth it since it just limits you to status updates.

Maloree: In conclusion, the Kin One was an overall great phone. It had some flaws, but don’t all phones? The phone is really focused on friends and social networking which is great for teenagers and adults in their early 20’s. The camera was good quality, but not having zoom was inconvenient. I would personally not go back to this phone, but I think some people will be very interested in it. They are advertising fast in the movies and on MySpace. I enjoyed my time with it, but I didn’t find it good enough to switch from my current phone.

Read the full review here.