Just a week back, we reported about an attack on Facebook’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. The hack was instigated by OurMine who claimed that Twitter has loopholes related to third-party apps. The company promised to identify and fix those issues to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

However, it looks like Twitter couldn’t get it done in time as OurMine struck again and this time they went for sports. The hacker group managed to gain access to Olympics and FC Barcelona’s Twitter account via a third-party app. Both the accounts have been restored but it goes to show the lack of security on Twitter’s part.

FC Barcelona has released a statement immediately after the hack confirming a formal investigation into the hack. Olympics, on the other hand, didn’t comment on the matter.

While the last attack was caused by the lack of security on Twitter’s part, it’s hard to say who’s the culprit for this hack. We will have to wait for the official reports from both Twitter and FC Barcelona on this matter. Like the previous attack, this recent OurMine hack was to promote their security services on both the accounts and didn’t have any malicious intent.