Our favourite April Fools Day offerings we wish were here to stay



April fools day often sees a lot of announcements, as developers and social media teams alike have some fun for the day. We know most of these announcements won’t last beyond the day, but we really wish some of them would. 

Deathloops Cereal

With box art like that, how can you not want a tasty bowl of Deathloops. They might sound a little bit like poison, but when dying just means you repeat the day, what have you got to lose! It’s time to enjoy some Deathlööps brother. 

Overwatch Googly Eyes
Returning for the second year in a row which hampers the surprise a little, every character in Overwatch’s 32 hero strong roster getting googly eyes is undeniably charming. While the change has minimal gameplay impact, there is a non zero chance you’ll end up needing to take a moment just to marvel at how goofy everyone looks with those huge wiggling eyes glues to their faces. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a heap of ridiculous experimental changes in a patch out today for you to have fun with. 

Control PS1 Demake

Remedy’s Control might have some impressive Ray Tracing, but who needs that when you can instead have charming PlayStation 1 graphics. In a gameplay teaser that’s mostly just to tease us, we’re treated to Control through the guise of mid 90’s low poly perfection that looks as ridiculous as it does brilliant. 

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Dogitech K923 Racing Wheel

Logitech makes some brilliant entry-level sim racing products, but nothing quite compares to the newly unveiled K923 racing wheel, the first-ever racing wheel for dogs. With CHEWFORCE technology to create a tug of war with the road, the question of ‘Why do dog’s need a dedicated racing wheel?’ Is a thankfully now distant memory. Because the answer, obviously, is that it’s absolutely adorable. 

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