Orange CEO Reveals That Dailymotion Is In Talks With Microsoft Over Partnership


Orange SA Chief Executive Stephane Richard said in an interview with French television channel BFM TV that Dailymotion is in talks with Microsoft for a partnership. Dailymotion is one of the largest video portals in the world but trails Google’s YouTube significantly.

“Talks continue…with Microsoft,” Mr. Richard said, according to a transcript of the BFM interview provided by Orange, who confirmed the comments. “This doesn’t mean that we will reach an agreement.”

He also confirmed that this is not an acquisition, the partnership with Microsoft would be foremost “industrial” and Orange would likely maintain a majority stake in Dailymotion. Last year, Yahoo tried to acquire Dailymotion and the deal got rejected by French government which has some stake in it.

The potential partnership with Microsoft for Dailymotion may be involved with making it as the default video upload option in Windows Phone, Windows and Xbox platform. Microsoft already tried online video portal thing with MSN Video and Soapbox few years back and gave up on the efforts.

Source: The Wall Street Journal