Opinion: Windows Phone 7’s neglected missing feature


2, 2010

Author rush24 // in News

Zune hd dock

With the introduction of WP7, Microsoft fixed most of the aspects that made the old Windows mobile powerful yet unusable for average users by creating a new standard UI for the OS, and specifying  a set of minimum hardware specs that are high enough to guarantee a great user experience out of the box. The requirement for a physical camera button will be a decision most consumers will appreciate and so will the ability to quickly snap pictures even when the phone is locked together with the seamless switching between the live view and camera roll.

That being said, with all the thought that obviously went into the design, I wonder why they neglected to define a standardized multi-function connector like the one found on the Zune or iPhone. The Zune HD already has an excellent  HD dock for use with the connector(albeit expensive) and it would have been great to just be able to plop any WP7 phone onto the dock and enjoy the Zune service on a big screen. This would also have spawned a proliferation of 3rd party accessories because the manufacturers would not have to build custom products for individual phones, instead, they would be able to target all the devices just like they don’t have to worry about screen resolutions anymore.

I have no idea how extensible the micro-usb port on WP7 devices in regards multimedia capabilities and such, but I think that for the next revision(2.0) of hardware specs for WP7, Microsoft needs to include the standard multifunction port. From what I have read so far, such a port offers more extensibility than Micro/Mini USB ports and provides greater durability. The USB ports could still be used be available for charging purposes.  Some of the multimedia functions can also be covered over Wi-fi, but specialized peripherals for business applications may benefit greatly from the added flexibility.  I am sure that you guys have great opinions for or against the idea so let us know but please, keep it civil.

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