Opinion: Its Time For RIM To Make The Important Decision


Research In Motion, the company behind BlackBerry smartphones is under much pressure to deliver products and show returns to its investors. Once they were the leading smartphone seller in US, but now they are slipping to No.3 position while sales of their key products are dipping. What happened inside the company? Its the same problem what Nokia faced just months ago. They are trying to stick with their legacy Blackberry OS which is out-dated and trying to push more and more products with the same OS. Of course, they are adding features by each release on the same old crap, so the developers have lost faith in them. Still they are developing good hardware but it gets sublimed by the poor software underneath it.

According to reports, they are even working on a brand new OS based on QNX technology which they acquired about a year ago. Again, just compare Nokia’s situation a year ago with RIM. RIM’s Blackberry OS = Nokia’s Symbian, RIM’s QNX based OS = Nokia’s Meego. Nokia clearly realized that their old strategy is going to fail miserably because the war of platforms  have transformed into a war of ecosystems. Nokia felt that it can’t create an competing ecosystem against Apple, Microsoft and Google in time, so aligned with Microsoft after considering Google.

RIM may do the same by dropping Blackberry OS completely and go with either Android or Windows Phone and make the upcoming QNX based OS as their future disruptive platform. Its under urge to act because some investors have raised ideas to sell BlackBerry for patents, shake the leadership, etc. Instead of getting sold to someone for its IP, its better to adapt some ecosystem and keep the innovation engine running.

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