Opera Asks Pocket IE: You Want Some of This Punk?

Here we go everyone. It looks like Opera Software is wanting to have a throwdown in regard to mobile web browsing by not only challenging all comers, but namely Pocket Internet Explorer. This is an after school fight you won’t want to miss, and PIE will definitely have to be prepared.

According to an article posted by The Washinton Post, mocoNews.net reported Opera sent one of it’s executives to Microsoft land(Seattle, Wa.), to send this message:

“Opera is going to unveil a “very aggressive” advertising campaign that will be plastered on buses and billboards to get consumers to download the Opera browser to their phones.”  

Having never spent money on advertising in the past, the idea of Opera spending some hard earned greenbacks to promote itself, even in spite of the current economic situation, speaks volumes on their desire to put the smack down on the competition. For those who are still skeptical that Opera has their “sites” on Microsoft, bear in mind the large billboard near Microsoft’s Redmond campus that says, “Be A Real Internet Explorer? Opera.com” Pretty convincing, don’t you think?

Safari has definitely proved itself to be a success for Apple, Firefox Mobile from Mozilla is rapidly approaching, and Webkit’s open source project is being used by several platforms. What does all this mean? The title for the best mobile browsing is in a dead heat, and Opera looks to turn it up a notch. Not only to pummel Microsoft, but any other mobile browsers who want to get mouthy.

Opera definitley has strong roots. Consider 6.4 billion pages viewed by 17.8 million users of Oprea Mini in the month of December alone, not to mention Opera Mobile, which is used by carriers such as T-Mobile International. With a decent start like that, this could get interesting.

So Opera’s fight for more market share has begun. Will they be proclaimed the victor? Let us know in the comments, and have a peek at the original article here.