OnTV a 3rd party Tvtag app is now available for Windows Phone

OnTV is the first (unofficial) client for Tvtag (formerly GetGlue) for Windows Phone 8.

Tvtag is a popular social network that enables you to extend your enjoyment of TV to a second screen. You can see shows that are trending, join the conversation, share what you’re watching and more.

OnTV has been designed to allow users a fast easy way to post their check-ins to their social networks and see what’s trending on television and in movies.

The app features:

  • Trending sections for television shows and movies
  • Watch video trailers for your shows
  • Search for any show to see more detailed information such as synopsis, comments and more.
  • See conversations about your favorite shows. Interact with other viewers.
  • TV Guide recommendations
  • Pin to start screen with live tile support.

OnTV is now available in the Windows Phone store for free. It is ad supported with an option to remove ads for .99 cents.