OnStar RemoteLink App Now Available For Windows Phone Devices

OnStar Link Windows Phone

OnStar RemoteLink app is now available for Windows Phone devices. This app allows car owners to control their cars such as Remote Start, Remote Door Lock and Remote Horn and Lights features.

App Description:

To connect your vehicle to RemoteLink, make sure you have:
– An active OnStar subscriptionOnStar Link Windows Phone QR
– A compatible mobile device
– A compatible vehicle
For help installing RemoteLink, go to onstar.com/mobile.

OnStar RemoteLink offers an innovative way to connect to your vehicle. After downloading and registering the app, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick and GMC owners with an eligible 2010 model year or newer vehicle can use their mobile device to access real-time data from their vehicle and perform commands like unlocking doors remotely.

An active OnStar Directions & Connections or Safe & Sound service plan is required to access most features. If you purchased 2014 OnStar equipped vehicle and use RemoteLink just once during your OnStar trial or consecutive subscription, you’ll retain access to the Key Fob Services—Remote Start, Remote Door Lock and Remote Horn and Lights features—for five years from the date of delivery. Key Fob Services do not include any emergency or other OnStar services. Subsequent owners will be able to activate the remaining term by calling OnStar at 1.888.4.ONSTAR.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store.