ONNX Runtime now available for Android and iOS devices

December 16, 2021
Xamarin ONNX iOS Android

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Xamarin ONNX iOS Android

ONNX Runtime release 1.10 now supports Android and iOS. Developers can now build AI applications using Xamarin.Forms for Android and iOS to execute ONNX models on mobile devices with ONNX Runtime.

  • This new package supports the execution of ONNX models on the device‚Äôs CPU using the default CPU Execution Provider. Some phone hardware contains specialized hardware (NPUs) for efficient ML execution via the NNAPI (Android) and CoreML (iOS) interfaces.
  • With the ONNX Runtime Mobile package, developers can choose to use the NNAPI (Android) or CoreML (iOS) Execution Providers that are available in the package.

Developers can choose between two ONNX Runtime Mobile packages. One is the prebuilt package containing a subset of ONNX operator set focused on the mobile AI scenarios and another is a custom package that can be generated based on the specific models used by the AI application.

Source: Microsoft

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