UK retailer Argos appears to have leaked some of Nintendo’s 2019 releases for the Nintendo Switch.

The retailer has put up several listings on their online store for confirmed games such as Pokémon Sword and Shield and currently confirmed but unannounced games such as the Animal Crossing 2019 release. None of the games sport official artwork, but seem to be genuine listings.

According to Argos, the 2019 Animal Crossing game is called ‘Welcome to Animal Crossing’. However, it’s unlikely that this is the actual name of the game. It appears that the artwork for the box has just taken the generic Animal Crossing logo, which is a sign saying ‘Welcome to Animal Crossing’, and used that as the title.

The listing is fairly empty, citing a £59.99 price tag, a ‘TBC’ release date, and a description of ‘A new mainline Animal Crossing game is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019!’.

However, an Argos employee appears to have confirmed that the listing is indeed real. What’s more, the confirmation appears to be all the way from February 2019. This could just be a generic response, though.

Other listings include Pokémon Sword and Shield, both of which have slightly beefier details including media from their respective games and a full description. They’re also both listed at £59.99 and have a release date of ‘TBC 2019’. You can read our rundown of Sword and Shield here.

There’s also a listing for Luigi’s Mansion 3, which has been confirmed by Nintendo. The listing is pretty much bare bones, with a short tagline and another release date of ‘TBC’. However, the listing does note that the game is suitable ‘for ages 7 years and over’.

Lastly, there’s a listing for Daemon X Machina. Daemon X Machina has already been confirmed and even had a demo available for a while, so this listing is less surprising.

We’ll keep you updated if anything develops.