OneStart Updated With Colorful Low Poly Background

OneStart is a Windows Phone 8.1 app that focuses on making your Start screen more classy. It can generate various beautiful background picture that has hi-resolution and can perfectly fit your Start screen with no need to crop.

The latest update introduces a new background mode named BRILLIANCE that can generate colorful Low Poly picture with fast speed, make your Start screen like a diamond shining bright!

OneStart also has some features related to tiles, which can help you designing a better Start screen.


  • PLAIN mode: Need more accent colors? Here are thousands of pretty colors and a well-designed color picker.
  • DUAL mode: Smooth gradient between any two colors.
  • MIST mode: Ethereal, hazy and refreshing, just like the mist.
  • FANTASIA mode: Bright colors dreamlike blending, like a rainbow.
  • PICTURE adjustment: Choose your favorite picture, optimizes it, make it no longer disrupt tile content, make it a better fit for Start screen.
  • BRILLIANCE pattern: Generating colorful Low Poly picture with fast speed. Changeable, distinctive and unique.
  • BLANK tile: Transparent tile without any blockings, exposing your beautiful background.
  • GROUP LABEL tile: Organize your tiles.

Download OneStart from Windows Phone Store for free (Some features need in-app purchase) or scan the QR code.