In an effort to diversify its product portfolio, OnePlus launched its first-ever smart television, OnePlus Q1 Pro TV a few months back. While OnePlus TV was praised for its vibrant 4K LED panel, integrated soundbar, the lack of Netflix app and the remote control were some of the biggest letdowns of the smart TV.

The good news is the lack of a Netflix app and a bad remote controller will no longer force consumers to look somewhere else because these issues are now solved. The Netflix app is now available for OnePlus TV users, so you can now easily consume Netflix content, of course, for that you’ll have to have a Netflix subscription.

OnePlus is also offering a redesigned remote controller as a replacement to the previous controller for the OnePlus TV owners. Those who are planning to buy OnePlus Q1 Pro in the coming days will get the redesigned TV remote out of the box.

The new remote controller is made out of plastic, as opposed to the previous remote, which was made out of aluminum. You also have new shortcut buttons for Netflix and YouTube, the volume keys are on the front, which means they are now more accessible.

Are you a OnePlus TV owner? Let us know your thoughts on the redesigned remote controller.

Source: OnePlus