OnePlus will soon add these new features to OxygenOS


20, 2020

OxygenOS has changed a lot in the last few years and while you may not like all the changes, the Chinese tech company put a lot of resources into bringing useful new features to OxygenOS. As you may have known, OnePlus has a dedicated platform where the users can list their favorite features that they want OnePlus to add to OxygenOS — that’s right, that’s IDEAS. This year, the company also gave an opportunity to its community members to share ideas to improve the operating system. And after rounds of internal discussion, OnePlus has short-listed the most requested features in the platform and will soon start working towards adding them to OxygenOS.

The company has received 7303 feature requests, of which it’s picked only seven features based on like counts. These features include support for separate volume for each app and dual media playback, lock screen customization, ability to wirelessly transfer files from an OnePlus device to a PC and vice versa, the ability to take a screenshot of the particular part of the screen, an option for both grey and pitch black dark mode, FPS counter option in Game Space, Power Diet. You can read about these features in detail here.

We don’t know when these features will be available for the public as the company didn’t give us a timeline for when these requested features will be added in OxygenOS. This allows us to make some educated guesses as to when we can expect these new features in the operating system. I don’t know about you, but I think these are likely to be added in a phased manner, which means the company might add some of the most requested features, and not all, to OxygenOS through software updates in the coming days. You might have to wait until the launch of OxygenOS 12 to check out some of these features.

If you’re an OnePlus user, are you excited about these upcoming seven features? Let’s know in the comments section below.

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