Something strange has been happening in 2019. Instead of trying to hide their upcoming devices, companies have been jumping on the hype train and leaking their own devices. We saw this with Google earlier this year and now OnePlus has published a whole forum post talking about the design of the upcoming OnePlus 7T.

OnePlus has always been open about their design philosophies and have shared them in the past. However, this time, OnePlus went above and beyond and shared the renders of the OnePlus 7T as well. OnePlus Co-Founder Pete Lau shared a long forum post talking about the design since OnePlus One and how the company has changed over the past few years.

Our earliest supporters might remember the OnePlus One launch back in 2014, when we shared OnePlus with the world for the very first time. We spent only one minute talking about specs and performance, with the entire rest of the event dedicated to design and user experience. This was very unconventional. At the time, design was often an afterthought rather than a focus, especially in the Android smartphone world. We made it the focus. We wanted to change things.

Exceptional design isn’t just about the things you see, but also about the little things that you don’t even notice. It’s about everything being in the right place, creating a fast, smooth, seamless, and fluid experience.

– Pete Lau, Co-Founder, OnePlus

The new OnePlus 7T will come with a circular camera design with a single row of three camera modules. We suspect that the camera module will have telephoto and ultra-wide lens along with the main camera.

Apart from the camera module on the back, the rear of the device is clean with a OnePlus logo. OnePlus has moved to in-display fingerprint scanner since OnePlus 6T so there’s no physical one on the back. The company will launch the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro on September 26 in New Delhi.