OnePlus Nord is the latest affordable or what the company likes to call “flagship killer” from OnePlus. The smartphone was launched a few days ago and at the launch event, the company announced that the smartphone will be available in the two different color options — Gray Onyx and Blue Marble. But now, it seems that consumers might also get a third variant of the OnePlus Nord.

Diving deep into the Engineering Mode app, which comes pre-installed on every OnePlus phone running OxygenOS, XDADevelopers found strings that mention a new color option called “Gray Ash” for OnePlus Nord. The strings also mention existing color options — “Gray Onyx” and “Blue Marble.”

<string name="str_sm7250_color0_title">Gray Onyx</string>
<string name="str_sm7250_color1_title">Blue Marble</string>
<string name="str_sm7250_color2_title">Gray Ash</string>

As you can see, the strings mention sm7250, which corresponds to the model name for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765/765G/768 SoCs, and and “Gray Ash” color option for OnePlus Nord. Interestingly, the unannounced variant was also shared by tipster Evan Blass in a leaked slide. And all of these leave us no choice but to believe that either OnePlus is going to make the Gray Ash variant of the smartphone limited to certain markets or the company may announce the new color variant for both Europe and India at a later date. Whatever the case may be, to be able to choose from more options is always good for consumers.

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