It’s official: OnePlus’ first-ever truly wireless earbuds are coming on July 21


13, 2020

In an effort to diversify its product portfolio, OnePlus is currently working on a couple of new products. One of the new products that the Shenzhen-based tech giant is currently working on and is close to launching is its first-ever wireless earbuds, OnePlus Buds, the rumors of which have been doing the rounds for quite some time now.

A couple of days ago, we reported OnePlus might launch the OnePlus Buds alongside OnePlus Nord on July 21. And now, the previously suggested launch date is no longer just a rumor as the official Twitter handle of the OnePlus USA just confirmed that the OnePlus Buds is the official name of its upcoming truly wireless earbuds and they are going to launch on July 21.

But unlike the soon-to-be-announced Galaxy Buds Live, we don’t know much about the specifications of the OnePlus Buds, neither do we know anything about the price of the OnePlus’ truly wireless earbuds. And that leaves us no choice but to wait for the company to tell us everything about the OnePlus Buds on July 21, or if we get lucky, we might get some key details about OnePlus’ truly wireless earbuds before the launch date.

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