OnePlus 8T might not get a chipset upgrade


23, 2020

Author Anmol // in News

OnePlus just launched the OnePlus 8 series but the company is not done for the year. Going by OnePlus’s history, the company is expected to hold another event later this year where it will be launching the OnePlus 8T.

While we don’t know what to expect from 8T, history tells us that T lineup usually gets a spec refresh with a couple of new features. However, it looks like the company might not use a new SoC for OnePlus 8T after all. According to the CMO of Meizu, there would be no Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset in 2020. Wan Zhiqiang shared this news on Chinese website Weibo and confirmed that Meizu will be using 865 for all its flagship phones in 2020.

Seeing Wan Zhiqiang is a company official, we can be certain that the news is genuine and matches the previous rumours about production slowdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. That said, Qualcomm might change its stance in the coming months but it’s unlikely that we will see a lot of innovation in 2020 due to the ongoing health crisis.

Via Mydrivers

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