OnePlus 6 will be powered by Snapdragon 845 and will have a 256 GB Storage option

OnePlus is again doing what it does best, leak titbits of information before the launch of the device. We reported yesterday that the upcoming OnePlus 6 will have a notch on the top, and now it looks like the company is planning to launch a 256 GB variant of the device as well.

This news was confirmed by none other than Pele Lau, CEO OnePlus who shared the news over at OnePlus Forums. Pete talked about how smartphones have influenced our lives in recent years and how it continues to do so. He also talked about how our expectations have increased in the last couple of years.

Fast is not just about shorter loading times or top download speeds, any OEM can achieve high numbers in one or two metrics. Fast is about creating a lasting impression of speed and smoothness, throughout all-day use, whether you’re recording 4K video or browsing Facebook. Fast is about ensuring there is less than a 1/1000 percent likelihood of your phone freezing, even under constant heavy use. To us, it’s about setting a higher standard.

To create this higher standard, we start with the best hardware: the
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 paired with up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Choosing the best hardware is the easy part, the real challenge is in making the best hardware perform in ways that adds value to the experience of the user.

– Pete

Pete also shared that the company has created a special team called Team FSE (Fast, Stable, Efficient). The team’s job is just to maximize the power of OnePlus flagship phones.

The FSE Team’s role is to ensure that OnePlus devices offer the fastest, and smoothest, user experience available. Take a demanding multiplayer game experience like PUBG for instance. Our devices set the bar for performance, and we are proud to lead in this category. The one recurring theme across all user reviews of OnePlus phone experiences is “fast & smooth”!

– Pete

OnePlus has already teased the OnePlus 6 on their Twitter handle but haven’t shared other details yet.

The launch date, however, is not shared by the company but we expect the device to launch in June with sales starting from the first week of July.

Source: OnePlus Forums; Via: TechPP