OneNote Windows Store App Updated With Two New Improvements

OneNote Windows Store App

Microsoft has released an update for OneNote app in Windows Store. This update brings in two new improvements, first is Office 365 account support and the second is the ability to minimize soft keyboard in editing mode.

Opening notebooks on Office 365

Does your work or school have Office 365? It’s great to keep your work notes in the cloud with Office 365 and OneNote. With the update, now you can just sign in with your Office 365 and see all the notebooks you’ve used recently.

Dismissing the on-screen keyboard

One of the best things about OneNote is that you can just type anywhere. Want to jot something off to the side? Go ahead. OneNote gets out of your way and lets you focus on your notes.

But sometimes you don’t want to type. Now you can dismiss the on-screen keyboard so you can see the whole screen for reading.

Normally, in Windows 8 you don’t have to think about the keyboard. It shows up when you tap into a text box and it goes away when you tap outside. It works great. So how do you tap “outside” in OneNote? Just tap into any empty space and the keyboard will go away.

Source: OneNote