One More Reason To Switch From Gmail, Adds Support For Gtalk Chat


14, 2013

Outlook Gtalk
Microsoft today announced Google Gtalk integration in so that you can now also chat with your Google friends. With this new feature, you can chat with the person who uses Gmail right from your inbox. And if you’re working together on an Office document in SkyDrive, you can send an instant message to a Google contact with just a click. Microsoft is rolling out Google chat integration now, so look for it in your inbox over the next couple of days.

Once your services are connected, you can see all of your contacts together in one place. And since you are often connected to a person through more than one service, we automatically match up contacts that are the same and link them together. Of course, you can also link any contacts we missed or unlink any contacts that don’t belong together.

The result is an uncluttered contact list full of people you really know. At a glance, you can see a quick summary of a contact with information from across all those networks.  And you’re just one click away from common tasks like sending an email, calling a number, mapping an address, or starting a chat, on any of the services you’ve connected!

This doesn’t just work for your contacts on and SkyDrive. We use the same model in the People app for Windows and the People hub for Windows Phone.

Source: Outlook

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