One Month With My HD2

101_2135 by WMPerson.

Having the HTC HD2 has finally made me happy. The first month of having my HTC HD2 was the worst, the device froze, and crashed a lot. I was shocked because the 1 GHz is supposed to help, but it was like the Touch Pro2. Well I stuck with it (I almost sold it and staid with my Droid Incredible, but now I love it) and its finally paying off.

I have my phone in perfect homeostasis. It does not freeze (much, unless it’s coming from a lock to a video), it does not restart by itself, it does not die fast, it is the perfect device now. This device (if the software is just perfect) can be a great joy to use, and due to a slight effort by T-mobile to push it to the buyers, the device has some brand name in America.

I took out Touch Flow AKA Sense UI from the device, and am running with SPB Mobile Shell Build 3.5.4(released last week). I have a different theme for it that looks just as flashy as Sense, but does not suck power, and energy like a Hummer H1. I also have a new ROM that has everything I need, and so I do not have anything else installed other than what the cook includes. As usual I do not have a case, because for me if I do not like how the device looks, I do not want to own it, and now the HTC HD2 looks like a model.

I will be doing the Droid Incredible VS HTC HD2 tomorrow, and Kin Two Vs HD2 and others next week. We should also be back with our Podcast soon, maybe just Surur and I, also the occasional special quest, when we get some. If you like my awesome image above, and want to see what device I have at the moment, check out and bookmark my Flickr page: and even follow me on twitter @WMPerson for my latest.