OmniaHD with Windows Mobile 6.5 coming after all?


17, 2009

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We have lamented Samsung’s move to Symbian with the Omnia HD, especially after the great market performance of the device, but it seems Samsung was not abandoning Windows Mobile, merely spreading some love to other OS’s also.

From a recent Samsung presentation to dealers in Amsterdam we have this picture taken from a screen which revealed 13 new Samsung devices, all touch screen.

The one circled is supposedly the Samsung Omnia HD running Windows Mobile 6.5  The device is positioned as a premium multi-media device, which is a pretty good place to find a Windows Mobile handset after all.

No further information is available, but we will continue to scan the airwaves for more news on this no doubt powerful device.


Cone of our commenters suggest there is some confusion regarding this, so we will withhold popping the bubbly just yet.  Read the comments below for more info.

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