Omnia also getting some 3rd party G-Sensor apps

Readers of this website would have noticed a deluge of applications using the accelerometer for the HTC Touch Diamond and Pro. On the Omnia front, who has a very nice native accelerometer implementation, things have been more quiet.

Fortunately Paul from Modaco is an Omnia owner, and has now started to rectify this imbalance by developing for the device. His first creation is OmniaSIP, an application which changed the default Soft Input Panel at start-up. The application, which does not actually use the G-sensor for functionality, mainly uses orientation information (provided by this orientation-away GUI element) to dynamically re-arrange the visual elements of the application.

If having to select your favourite SIP each time you boot is annoying you, download OmniaSIP from Modaco here. The application is APPtoDate compliant, meaning you can always be sure you have the latest version.