The governance of the United States has been dysfunctional for years now, with major policy decisions apparently being made arbitrarily and at a whim.

An example of this has been the trade war between China and the USA, and it now appears one of the major potential victims of the battle has managed to avoid being conscripted by simply having a word with the right person.

The Verge reports that a personal intervention by Tim Cook has managed to exempt Apple from paying billions in tariff import taxes on their Chinese components.

The 25% tariff would have hit components of the Mac Pro and ultimately the iPhone and Macbook (15% tax), but a few words by Tim Cook with U.S. Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, managed to earn Apple an exemption.

Cook also lobbied Trump, according to a leaked report, with an Apple staffer noting: “Tim and POTUS had a discussion today about this as well which I can fill you in on. Tim was hoping to speak to the Ambassador sometime this weekend if at all possible to follow up.”

The Apple staffer told U.S. Trade Representative staff, “whatever can be done on the front end would be hugely impactful.”

Given that tariffs was America’s weapon against China, exempting Apple from the frontline while throwing American farmers, who suffered bankruptcies and suicides by the hundreds under the bus, seems exactly the kind of swamp Trump was meant to drain.

via AppleInsider