Oh no, Google Stadia is down right now


14, 2020

What are we going to do?! Google Stadia is down!

As thousands have discovered, all of Google’s services have gone down. As hundreds, maybe, have discovered, that also means the company’s video game streaming service Google Stadia is also down.

With every Google service – including Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs and more – being completely inactive at the time of writing, this means that gamers who bought into the instantly-accessible, no downloads, hassle-free Stadia streaming service are unfortunately having some troubles.

It’s a shame. With Cyberpunk 2077 being a technical disaster on last-gen consoles, Stadia players have been very happy with their version of the game. Unfortunately, they’re now unable to play the game at all.

As with Amazon Luna, Xbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce Now, Shadow and any other video game streaming service, the limitations of video game streaming over local hardware relies on the company.

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