Official premium cases for Samsung Galaxy Fold leak online

Samsung is ready to hit the shelves with the Galaxy Fold and the Korean giant is making sure you’re $2,000 investment doesn’t go up the drain because you dropped the phone by mistake. While $2,000 is still a lot, if you still decide to buy the handset, you might consider spending a few bucks on a good cover as well.

Last month a leaked screenshot revealed that Samsung plans to price the Galaxy Fold cases at around £100 or $135. Now a new leak confirms the price and also shows what it might look like. For a cover that has two leather parts, £100 is definitely a lot but is certainly less when compared to a thousand dollar expense if you break the glass.

There is no confirmation on when Samsung plans to launch the cases but it sure does hide the true aesthetics of the device. That said, we do recommend the cases on Galaxy Fold and if you think £100 is a lot then you can consider Spigen’s case for the Galaxy Fold.

Via: HTNovo