Official MSPoweruser UWP app updated with fixes and improvements

Our official app is a rather slick UWP app, and we have just updated it to add a bit more polish and squash some bugs which may have interfered with your good experience.

There’s a range of other improvements we have added with the update, so here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Videos now play in background
  • The app automatically loads articles from ‘Also on MSPoweruser’ links in Disqus
  • Back Button issue should now be fixed
  • Missing images should be fixed
  • Remove Ad link in the app should work as expected now
  • Podcast download toast fixed
  • Downloaded podcasts no longer show a download button.
  • Fixed app not starting up on some devices
  • Improved background tasks
  • Fixed some scaling issues

The update is rolling out now, and as usual, you can get the latest update for the MSPoweruser app from the link below.

Developer: MSPoweruser
Price: Free

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