Inside’s app for Windows 10 devices lands on Windows Store


Freeman Technologies, a Windows developer team based in the United Kingdom has partnered with Inside to bring an Official Inside app to Windows 10 devices. While the app is not a fully native apps, rather it appears to be a project Westminster app that simply repackages the web content in a native wrapper. The website does look quite slick, so this is no great loss though we do wonder how much better it would be were it to be a fully native app. Freeman Technologies stated:

We are proud to announce that we have partnership with [Inside]™ Inc. with their Inside app that is already available on iOS, Android & Blackberry platforms. Today it has reached the Official Inside app to the Windows 10 Universal Platform. The news app is a real-time mobile news app, designed to be the most efficient way to stay informed. Each day, [Inside]™ delivers hundreds of the world’s most important and fascinating stories, all selected and written by our team of talented news curators. Our curators write concise and fact-filled “updates” to give you what you need to know while on the go. We only link to the most relevant and original sources with the best reporting, and weed out the overwhelming noise in the news space. Additionally, you can customize your news feed to follow only the topics you love – whether it’s sports, movies or parenting. Never miss a thing on the subjects you care most about.

I will admit to not having heard of Inside before, but the description in their press release does explain things somewhat. It is another news curation service, like Apple news, Flipboard and MSN news.

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How you feel about it depends on if you’re satisfied with current offerings from the above, or if you want more from your news apps.

For those wondering, here are the features of the app:

  • Save time by reading updates written and summarized by our team of curators. They boil down lengthy news stories to just the key facts.
  • Be the first to know about breaking news and viral stories before they become viral. With round-the-clock coverage, we publish a new story every 3-5 minutes, day and night.
  • /Top feed includes the 100 most important and trending stories of the moment. This feed allows you to catch up on what the world is talking about. – Easily customize your personal feed by following your favorite topics.
  • Swipe left on any update to read through the topic archive. Quickly drill down and get more information on the stories that interest you.
  • Share your opinions by commenting and voting stories up or down. The updates with the most up-votes will move to the /Top feed.
  • Automatically create a user profile that displays which topics you follow and your activity within the app. – Personalized push notifications to receive alerts on breaking news and topics that matter to you.

Head over to this link to grab Inside from the Store. Inside certainly looks interesting, so do feel free to give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Developer: XboxCreators
Price: Free
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