Official app download data says more than 50% of downloads are on WP8.1, only 5% on WP7


30, 2014


Microsoft has released some official Windows Phone Store data for the period ending the 23rd September.

The numbers reveal that for active users of the Windows Phone Store, more than 50% are already on Windows Phone 8, with only 5% of users still on Windows Phone 7.

On Windows Phone nearly 30% of downloads were games, followed by more than 20% for tools and productivity.


Most downloads still came from USA, but countries like China and India, where English was not the first language, were also prominent.



Many languages were spoken in the Windows Phone Store, with only 25% of customers speaking English, though if your app covered English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Russian and German it would cover 75% of Store users.



Microsoft notes that they support carrier billing with 65 partners in 38 markets and that where available developer paid transactions typically increase by 3x in developed markets and 8x in emerging markets.

In the store in-app purchasing was on the rapid increase as a monetization source, with all 20 of the highest earning apps in the store using the feature. Some of the most success apps charged as much as $99.99 for an in-app item, with the average being $24.84, and Microsoft suggests if the value is there, in-app pricing does not have to be low to be profitable.

Read more of the fascinating report at Microsoft here.

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