Official 9GAG app confirmed once again


31, 2014

Author Lucas // in News

Screenshot (23)Some months ago there was an official response from the 9GAG support that a Windows Phone app is in the works. Months are quite a long time for development of such an app and therefore we asked the support team about the app, and we got a good and a bad response.

First the bad: No release date was given.

Now the good, which you can already guess: The app is still planned to be released and development has not been canceled. While the initial response sounds a little like the app is not in the works yet and is only planned, the one above makes it sound nearly finished already. I hope the release is not in the too distant future from now, but you can bridge the time with Rudy Huyn’s 9GAG app which is already very good.

Same as I always say, while there are already good 3rd party alternatives available on Microsoft’s mobile phone platform, official stuff is always nice to have as it strengthens the eco system.

Are our readers already exited about the upcoming app? Let us know in the comments.

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